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This is where we share some fun and awesome ideas for your Pesach Seder.

We invite you to come back frequently to check in to see the latest and greatest. 


Here is a custom list of ideas that we the Shnitzel Guys have compiled over the years for you and your families. These are things that we have done ourselves in our own homes with our own kids and have been successful. 




Finding something to do for each Plague is always a HUGE part of our Seder. Below are some of the different items we have used in the past.




Blood Bags 

This is a new one that can be a little more out of the box. Not going for the old red food coloring.  We have used these Blood bags and filled them with Red Jello or the right combination of Grape Juice and water!  A huge part of our excitement. The kids love these because they come with straws and can be used on the spot.  

Dual Sided Cup - 

This thing is awesome. You can put both water and “blood” (aka grape juice) in here to demonstrate how it was during this plague. 


Stackable Drink Dispenser

Another great item that can be actually used on the table. Put water in one and a red drink in the other


Drink Dispenser - Blood/Water 

With this one, you can fill the inner tube with a red liquid and the otter tube with Water. 

It will appear that the whole container is RED (like blood) but when you go to dispense, only water comes out…just like the Jews in Mitzrayim!!!





Frog ice/chocolate tray - 

These trays are great for adding a little water and green food coloring to. You can pop them in your cups and have them float or just place the frog ice cubes in the middle of the table.

Another Frog Ice Option -

This is another option to make sure that your drinks stay cold using frogs.  


Flying Frogs- 

We have used the stretchy flying frogs for years to make sure that frogs are flying across the room just like they did in Mitzrayim. Frogs here… frogs there… frogs were everywhere!!  

Stretchy Frogs 

And even more frogs!!

Frog Straws -   

Having a straw in every cup at the beginning of the Seder may not be what you envisioned as your table is beautifully set up but it definitely reminds you of the Makos. 

Jumping Frogs - 

These frogs are a little cheaper and can be made to jump! 


Small Plastic Bugs  - 

These tiny plastic bugs are a great option for the tiny lice that were in Mitzrayim… We actually stuck them to the wall to spell out the word Kinim… it was epic. 

Lice Combs -



Plastic Wild Animals 

Getting life size wild animals can be rough. Grab these little guys to get a small feel of Mitzrayim  


Wild Animal Masks  -


RUBBER MASKS  - THESE ARE AWESOME  - Warning, some of the younger kids can get scared of these,

so just be careful!!  We had these at the seder and the kids loved them. A couple of them we had to hide away for the little kids because they got a little scared. But the other kids loved them!


Elephant Mask -

Tiger Mask -

Dog Mask -

Crocodile Mask -



Inflatable Cow 

We have used an inflatable cow and then brought him out and then deflated it. You can also just keep him uninflated  -


Falling over animals -


Reinforcements - This is always a hard one, we have used reinforcement labels and put them on our faces or hands

This is the 200 version - 

If need more this is the 1000 version 


Indoor Snowballs - 

These are great for a real feel of the hail.. take these out and have them rain down on you. (you can even add something red to the ball like tissue paper to make it seem like there is fire in the hail.

Ping pong balls - 

Throw them all over and let it rain.  Our dream (although we have yet to do this, is to set up a canopy full of the ping pong balls and pull a string and have them rain down on us. If you end up doing it… let us know how it went.  




Grasshopper Child Hat - 

Is great if you child wants to get dressed up


Grasshopper in glass (real) - 

This is a real grasshopper encased in glass. It can lead to a great discussion of what it would have been like to have these all over the place


Eye Patches - 

Take 2 of the patches cover each eye with one of them and make sure you can't see a thing


Sleeping Dog - 

Even the dogs of the Jews didn't wake up during Makas Becharos.  Grab this sleeping Dog and let it sleep on the side during your Seder




6 Babies at a time 

In Mitzrayim we had 6 babies at a time - The medresh says we had 6 at a time. Try caring for all those children. This set comes with 6 babies  


For the story of the Rabbanim sitting in Bnei Brak 

These are great to hand to to dress up for the story of the Rabbonim sitting in Bnei Brak


4 Sons - Rasha -

Glow in the dark teeth for the rasha who gets his teeth knocked out

Sheep for the korban pesach - 

During the Seder have your Korban Pesach ready and out there. 


How many Makos were there? 

Use these little hands to count out the makkos as the Haggadah counts them...Remember according to the math in the Hagadah we may have had 250!!! Makos in MItzrayim count the fingers!! (Youl would need 5 packs to count the 250)  Hilarious! 




One of the highlights of the Seder is crossing the Yam Suf with the kids. We have been using a shower curtain with water on it for years. You can use the curtain with fish on it. Or you can get a  curtain with just water and get some fish decals for the kids to decorate the curtain (great pre Pesach activity). You can even cut the curtain in half and then split the sea as you walk in. Below is a rod (make sure it fits your doorway), a curtain and some great fish decals. Lately we have been using new decals every year for the wall as well


Adjustable Shower Rod -


shower curtain - 

Fish decals  - to decorate the wall or the Yam Suf shower curtain or these 


Fountains and Floating Faucet - Dam  -

This thing is awesome. We plugged this in before yom tov and left it on a side table in the dining room. We filled it with water and red food coloring. It looks like blood is flowing from the faucet demonstrating the Macah of Dam and a really cool talking piece for all those that visit. With this one you can stand it up in any bucket


More Fountains

Also here is another idea with a fountain that can be part of the decorations and fill it with RED Water.


12 Makos Napkins  - 

Blood on the Doorways - 

In Mitzrayim, we put red blood on our doorway. We actually put this outside out front door and we were the talk of the town, but you can put this tape on a doorway by your Seder. (We have had no problems with this tape pulling off any paint)


Barad hanging from the Ceiling -        

Hang Styrofoam balls with scotch tape and string. Here is a great Decoration for the ceiling above the seder table… hang them at different heights..looks awesome. 


Red Felt - Put this felt inside hanging out a bit to represent the fire 


Table Runner -

Grasshopper -


Tiger -

Snake -


Elephant -


Costumes are awesome. 

The kids love dressing up and this is a great way to get grandparents involved too. Let them act out some different scenes in the haggadah. 


Pharaoh Costume 

One of the highlights every year!!! Best is to get an adult to sneak out at some point and put on the full pharaoh costume and walk in,in the middle of the seder. Everyone loves it. Especially if it's zaidy!!

Kids size - 

Moshe Rabeinu Costume

Korban Pesach 

The kids love this one. They love to take turns putting it on and crawling around like the little sheep. 



Some fun family games that we like to play at home...

Distraction -


Slapzi -


Tenzi -



Not sure why you would listen to a couple of clowns about parenting but hey…One thing that we found to really really make it special is to get the kids involved in DOING the shtick. Meaning, don't just prepare any/all of this stuff and show everyone. Before yom tov, “hand off” one or two (or more) things to each kid/family member and let that become their shtick to “bring to the table”. You can't imagine the impact this can have. The same is true for decorating the room. Get them involved. They love feeling like they contributed to the night.


Next, don't feel that you need to do everything at each seder. We don't do every item on this list at every Seder and some we don’t even do every year. . This is a large list of things we have done over the years. Keep in mind the seder can be challenging, kids come home with lots of stuff from School, you may have many children that need to say over what they learned in school, you may have the grandmother that needs to say over her story. This is all normal! Every family has its dynamic, politics, challenges, characters, etc… you may or may not know what works best in your environment and how to adapt them. The main thing is to keep it light, fun and interactive. If you come prepared with lots of ammunition you will be armed and ready for action.




We have found even Teenagers love to get involved. You can often even give them the job of helping the younger children get their job ready. Giving them the responsibility to help younger children will empower them and make it their seder. 


One year had one teenager write up an interview as if he was there in Egypt, during one of the plagues and interviewing an Egyption and a Jew…


Another year had one of the teenergers come up with something to demonstrate makos Bechoros, (which is always a hard one). He took a mens suit bag and created a dummy in it using a wig head stand, ace bandages, pillows, etc… Then on top he wrote THE EGYPTION BURIAL SOCIETY and found a hieroglyphics font and wrote some other stuff on there. It was phenomenal creativity, got a great laugh and the rest is history!! (He also left it on the doorstep of a family member around the block and knocked on their door and ran away)



We are huge fans of decorating the house!!

Decorate the seder table.

Decorate the walls

Decorate the ceilings…

What's great about decorations is it really sets the Yom Tov up for fun and it's with you all if Yom Tov  

There is so much you can do with decorations. 

For example:

Shower curtain for splitting the Sea

Make different sections of your dining room ceiling for each of the makos…

  • Hang white styrofoam balls with red felt coming out 

  • Hang flying grasshoppers

  • Stick toy animals climbing up the wall 


Real Frogs - one year we caught a handful of frogs and put them in a cage and kept them handy. This was a huge hit!!

So use our list below or just check out what we have done in the past and let it get the juices flowing and come up with your own ideas. Good luck and PLEASE let us know if you have come up with any new and creative ideas yourselves. We are always looking for new items to creations to get excited about!!

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