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Yitzy Haber and Donny Weinraub have been clowning around and plunging toilets together for the last 23 years. Besides being best-friends, brothers (from another mother), partners, co-owners of a growing entertainment production company (Magic Masters Entertainment LLC), they are the originators and co-founders of the I Love Shnitzel phenomenon. 


Yitzy and Donny (a.k.a. Zip and Scoooter the Clowns), have entertained audiences large and small from every age group in 3 countries and 8 states.  Their ridiculous blend of comedy, magic, juggling, fast paced games and sheer stupidity is bound to bring many types of reactions (and of course lots of flying tomatoes).  Individually they are two fun and crazy guys, together; they are just one huge MESS!!


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